Two years ago, ScreenCrush fan-cast the next James Bond with 10 possible actors. And the name at the very top of our list? Idris Elba, of course. We’re not alone, as the rest of the internet (minus the racist trolls) has been clamoring for Heimdall himself to suit up in a tux as 007 for years now. Though it may have only felt like a dream, it looks like it could be inching closer to a reality.

UPDATE: A rep for Antoine Fuqua reached out to The Hollywood Reporter with an official denial. You can read that response below the original story:

Now nothing has been announced or confirmed in any sort of official business. But The Daily Star is reporting Elba is now allegedly in the running to take over the role after Daniel Craig leaves the franchise following the Danny Boyle-directed Bond 25. According to the site, it was director Antoine Fuqua who revealed the news. Speaking at an event for a new app launch, Fuqua said he spoke to Bond producer Barbara Broccoli about who will play the next 007, telling her it’s time for a person of color to step into the role. She allegedly responded, “it will happen eventually.” Then The Daily Star added that Elba was at the top of the list for the role, though it’s unclear if Broccoli had mentioned him by name specifically.

Speaking with THR, a rep for Fuqua firmly countered the The Daily Star’s reporting, denying that the filmmaker had any such conversation with Broccoli:

He never had a conversation with Barbara about the franchise or about any casting. It’s all made up stuff. Not sure how it got started.

Elba’s reps declined to comment on the story to THR — a typical response, and one that could be taken one of a couple of ways: Either they’re forbidden from speaking about any hypothetical talks, or, if they’re real smart (and I bet they are), they’re merely playing into the rumors to drum up interest.

But Fuqua’s alleged comments wouldn’t be out of line with what Broccoli has recently said of the next 007. Earlier this year when asked if the next actor to take over the role could be a woman or a person of color, Broccoli told The Daily Mail, “These films tend to reflect the times so we always try to push the envelope a little bit. Anything is possible.” Make. It. Happen. Barbara.

Idris is totally game to step into the spy’s shoes, too. A while back he did suggest he may be too old for the role – if Tom Cruise at 56 can climb helicopters and run across roof tops, Elba at 45 can easily be Bond – but he’s come around to voice his enthusiasm since. He even pitched his very own Bond scene for what he’d do if he got a call from Sony for the role. Plus, Elba doesn’t even need to be fit or shoot a gun to be lethal. Have you seen how handsome the man is? Bond 26, where Elba’s agent kills his enemies with nothing but a glance. Again, Barbara, make it happen!!

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