It's going down this Saturday, as I will be making my return to R&R Tire Express for another great day of fun and deals all day. Make sure you come through and check me out from 11:00am-1:00pm at one of my favorite spots. I will be loaded down with a few tickets to the Monster Truck show, and who knows what else I may have in the bag?

Many businesses are back on the move, while there are still many trying to return. However, R&R has always had some of the big deals for those who need help on a restart. They have plans that will work for you and possibly anyone you know.

I always like to get out of the studios and on the road, and this Saturday is going to be no different. Make sure you come by and say hi. Also, with Good Friday coming up, don't you want to have a new set of wheels or rims to slap on your ride for the big holiday?

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