So yesterday, all of the hype on social media was about the return of Game Of Thrones. Sunday night was going to be the premiere episode of the final season of what is apparently one of the most popular series on HBO.

Unfortunately, I am possibly one of the only people on this earth who has never seen the show. I am not one to speak ill of the show, since I am not familiar with what the series is about. But I was shocked at all of the excitement about the show's return. There were people who were losing business, closing early, avoiding phone calls and texts, and not wanting company while the show was airing last night.

So my question is: What am I missing? I am fully aware that I would need to watch the series from the very beginning in order to really be up to speed with what is going on with the show, and I am seriously considering giving it a look on demand and seeing what all of the ruckus is about. Either way, I am sure I can get a head start from logging on to social media and find out what I may have missed from last night's episodes. Shouts out to all of the Game Of Throne lovers out there.

Game Of Thrones Recap Seasons 1-7:

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