The recent news of Governor Abbott reopening Texas and lifting the mask mandate has sparked plenty of conversations in the office as well as online. The news also came that Governor John Bel Edwards has moved Louisiana to Phase 3. So what is next? If Louisiana does reopen, how do you feel about it? Will you still wear your mask?

I can speak for myself and say that I will still wear a mask. I can't speak on Texas and what they do. However, I think this is a mistake. I understand we have all been locked down for almost a year now. We have all gotten claustrophobic and need to get out, but was there a memo somewhere that said that COVID-19 is gone? I am not a fan of fearmongering, but can we honestly say that we can truly go back out into the world and act like things are back to normal?

Again, as for my family and I, we will still be wearing masks. I need to see a major decrease in the number of cases with consistent testing still going on before I will feel truly comfortable enough to let my guard down. All I can say is that you all need to be careful. Is there a bigger agenda in being hasty with the move or is it just a means of getting the economy back to normal?

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