Randomly I like to scroll on social media and see what is being discussed in the world. Last night I came across something that literally had me almost about to spit out my water. While I have respect for both of these men and love their music. Categorically, they are not in the same league. Jaheim said that he wanted to battle Usher in a Versuz battle and wants all of the smoke with Usher. Everyone had an opinion on the matter. As a matter of fact, here is the reaction of Core DJ's Ceo Tony Neal.

I posted the meme on my page and my listeners are some of the realest ones in the city. While there were many who gave Jaheim credit for being a great singer and songwriter. Not one person said that this would happen, and I couldn't agree more. Check out some of the comments below of what the listeners and fans thought about Jaheims statement.


Just in case you thought that these were all of the comments. There are more below and these people are not holding anything back.

I am a true believer and am confident in myself. However, Usher has been in the industry since he was a teen and there is no way that Jaheims catalog can even compare to Usher's. I will let you be the judge, here are a few of the biggest songs in their careers. What do you think? Does Jaheim have twenty songs that can stand up against Usher?

Here are some of Jaheim's Classic:

Here are some of Usher's Classic:


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