While every celebrity in the world seem to be in Atlanta for the Superbowl. One celebrity was M.I.A. That would be Bow Wow. Early Saturday morning we got the news that Bow Wow had been arrested along with his girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie over abuse allegations.

Apparently they were both arrested as the police couldn't figure out who the initiator was of the fight between the two. Well not long after the arrest the mug shots were sent out and it seemed as if Bow Wow caught the raw end of the stick with visible bruises to the face with scratches that eventually will heal. But there are reports of the young lady actually throwing objects at him as well during the argument which apparently stemmed from her not wanting Bow Wow to go out to any of the super bowl festivities.

The sad part about the situation is while the mugshot of both Bow Wow and his Girlfriend are floating around. I am seeing nothing but negative reactions and jokes about Bow Wow and the scratches that were on his face after the altercation. Domestic Violence is not a laughing matter by any means and it's no more acceptable for a man to endure it then it is for a female.

I think as a people we really need to take a very good look at ourselves and think about our kids. How are we raising them and what are we telling our kids when it comes to domestic violence towards those of the opposite sex. The memes and videos from some of his peers is truly disappointing and sad to see. There is nothing funny about violence of any kind and I truly hope that both of them can get help and I honestly believe they shouldn't be together. While there are people who are defending Bow Wow and want justice to be served. I feel like it's a double standard when it comes to men and women and domestic violence.

Toxic people do not need to be together and even if one person is toxic and the other is not. Generally it doesn't end well. I take this to heart as I lost a brother to violence as he didn't take things serious when he received threats from his girlfriend. Lets not take Domestic Violence as a joke and realize that people are getting hurt here rather it's those immediately involved or those on the outside looking in. We need to help put a stop to it or at least see what we can do to prevent it from again happening in the future to anyone.

Bow Wow

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