Over the weekend, I got the chance to finally see Coming 2 America starring basically the entire cast from the original, including a couple of surprises. I stayed off of social media due to the fact that I knew spoilers would leak and everyone was going to have an opinion about the movie.

Coming to America, the original, is still in my top five of movies of all time. I can watch the movie over and over, so let me tell you that when I heard they were doing a sequel with Eddie and Arsenio, that's all I needed to know. Also, I didn't go into it with high expectations. After the year that we've had, I just wanted to reminisce a little and forget about our day-to-day drama.

Unfortunately, critics have been coming out of the woodwork, basically tearing the movie down. What's funny is there are some critics who were possibly not even born when the original came out. Anyway, that's what happens with social media. Everyone can have an opinion and tear down or dismantle as they see fit.

I liked the movie and the story. Was it as funny as the original movie? No. What it was for me was a moment of nostalgia that brought back memories. I was literally fifteen when the original came out, so for me, I enjoyed it. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, it's sad that many times, it comes from our own culture and from people who simply can't do something, so they tear it apart. I don't feel like the bad press it is getting is warranted. However, just like other opinions of the movie, this is mine.

If you'd like to have some laughs with some surprises in there, you may want to check out this movie. At the end of the day, nothing is as good as the original. But for almost two hours, you at least get to relive your younger years.

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