Over the weekend what was suppose to be a great time for many in the city with homecomings for Lagrange and Washington Marion. It turned into reports of shootings and victims being hurt in the midst of the unwanted chaos. I have been here in Lake Charles for over 20 years now and I have seen my share of incidents that I feel should not have happened.

When I look at going out. The first thing I am going to do is make sure that my attire is right. I want to make sure that my wife and I are prepared to have a great time. The last thing we want to run across is someone's beef or confusion that could have possibly been resolved. It is really causing havoc on great businesses, and individuals who are trying to offer some positive alternatives in the city. Yet, somewhere along the way along with the flow of music, alcohol, and egos, we are left with a business that sometimes is closed down, and no support from those in the city when it's needed. I don't know the answer, but I am curious what is the resolve for something like this. It takes me back to the days of high school where certain entities involved choose to wait to the weekend's dance or night at the skating rink to bring the fight there.

Who is at fault when there is violence in the city? Is there a bigger problem that needs to be addressed? Who should be consulted in order to work on mending things in the community? It is truly not fair for that couple who finally gets a night out after working hard all week to get caught up in a dispute between two friends who have had too much to drink. Or even 2 adversaries who have been waiting forever to meet up again. What I really hate to see are the hard-working business owners who have put most of their livelihood into it, only to have it taken aware because of somebody else's wrongdoing.

I know that I am only a small voice to a bigger problem. But we all need a break and want to live a nice drama-free life. However, we truly need to cease the violence in the city. There are too many people who are involved in the long run and families are left to put together the pieces in the end.


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