Smoke and Barrel makes its triumphant return this weekend to Lake Charles. The non-profit event not only raises money for various charities but hits home by combining bourbon, bbq, and whiskey. What more could we ask for?

The event features over 80 bourbons, scotches, and whiskeys guests can try, live music, and award-winning BBQ masters from all over Louisiana and Texas. Not only can you enjoy booze and food, but also live music from regional bands and local arts and crafts on display. So, what's the catch? Well, in order to taste all of the booze, you need a VIP wristband. However, you're not here because you want to buy something. You're here for the free part!

Smoke and Barrel
Smoke and Barrel

Although the tasting is a ticketed event, the event in its entirety features free general admission. You'll still be able to enjoy the food vendors, out of your own pocket, and be able to enjoy the amazing arts and crafts that the vendors have to offer. You'll also be able to enjoy all of the live music available. So you can ball on a budget by taking advantage of the free admission, you just can't taste the booze. Really, not a bad trade-off to enjoy some amazing food and the crisp atmosphere of a cool SWLA afternoon in downtown Lake Charles.

Smoke and Barrel is this Saturday, November 19, and begins at 1 pm. It will center around the Courthouse lawn on Ryan Street.

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