This is the time of year when many Louisianans spend more time outside. For many, the first weekend in June marks the start of our annual outdoor BBQ, our first camping vacation, or perhaps your first opportunity to finish a large outdoor project.

In recognition of the fact that many of us will be spending time outdoors this summer, the United States Postal Service has declared this to be Mailbox Improvement Week throughout the United States, including Louisiana.

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USPS designates one week as "Mailbox Improvement Week" during which time it asks every household to verify that their mailboxes or post office boxes are in compliance. Do you regularly check your mailbox for mail? You are not alone if you don't. Many Louisianans choose not to make the daily trek down the driveway because they need a break from constantly staring at bills or junk mail, or because they may not expect mail that day.

Did you aware that your mailbox may be deemed unlawful if it doesn't adhere to specific rules? You, the homeowner, might be penalized for this.

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Louisiana Mailbox Laws
At the beginning of summer, USPS requests that you spot-check your mailbox to make sure it satisfies post office standards. All year long, our mail couriers put in a lot of effort. The last thing they want to deal with, given everything they do all year long, is mailboxes that are rusted shut, toppled over, or overrun with vermin.

According to Louisiana mailbox regulations, the Postmaster General must approve a mailbox. It needs to be made safe to use and shield mail from the weather. Mailboxes have to be between 41 and 45 inches above the ground and 6 to 8 inches from the edge of the road. Learn more about installing and using mailboxes correctly here.

USPS Says These Items are Prohibited, Restricted, and Non-Mailable

Before you go to drop a package at the post office, be sure you are not trying to mail one of these prohibited, restricted, or non-mailable items.

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