The final part of Louisiana's new crackdown on vapes could mean bad news for people who use Elf Bars, Juul's, and other disposable, flavored vaping products.

Per, this project is stalled just a little bit... But, through this new law, the State increased the sales tax on vape liquids and now requires vape products that are for sale should be purchased through a wholesale company with a valid license.


At the beginning of October, local and state manufacturers of vapes, e-cigarettes and other nicotine products sold in Louisiana should have started registering each of their products with the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

This is an attempt by the state to have a registry of all the FDA-approved vapes and alternative nicotine products that are being sold throughout the state of Louisiana. If a product isn't on the registry, it can't be legally sold within the confines of the state.

Vapor like smoke on a dark background
Aleksandr Pogudin

Products that have been approved by the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control can be viewed HERE. That list is currently not available and according to the website, will be available soon.

To be listed on the V.A.P.E Directory, products must meet one of the following:

  1. Products on the U.S. Market as of August 8, 2016, that have applied for a premarket tobacco order (“PMTA”) pursuant to federal law and the PMTA remains under review by the FDA; or
  2. Any vapor products or alternative nicotine products on the U.S. Market that the FDA has issued a no marketing order, but the agency or federal court has issued a stay order or injunction during the pendency of the manufacturer’s appeal or the order has been appealed and remains pending; or
  3. The manufacturer has received a marketing order or other authorization under federal law for the vapor or alternative nicotine product from the FDA; or
  4. Notwithstanding R.S. 26:926A, the commissioner may approve a vape or alternative nicotine product without PMTA if a manufacturer can demonstrate to the commissioner that the FDA has issued a rule, guidance, or any other formal statement that temporarily exempts the product from federal premarket tobacco application requirements and provide the sufficient evidence that the product is compliant with federal rule, guidance, or other formal statements.

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