In East Texas, Brookshire's reigns supreme for groceries. There are many who love Brookshire's but there are also many that would love some more grocery competition in the area. Competition in any space is always a good thing because it keeps everyone on their toes. One of those competing grocery chains many East Texans want is H-E-B. While the conspiracy theories run deep as to why, it is proven time and again why East Texans want it. The latest proof is that H-E-B has been named the number one grocery store in the United States.

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Dunnhumby Research Group

A data science and analytics company, Dunnhumby, recently released their 7th annual Retailer Preference Index (RPI). This RPI ranked the top grocery retailers in the country. H-E-B was up against behemoths like Amazon, Costco and Trader Joe's. Keep in mind, those are national retailers while H-E-B only exists in Texas. This is the third time since the RPI was started in 2018 that H-E-B has come out on top of those national powerhouse retailers.

How did Dunnhumby come to this conclusion?

The study revealed that H-E-B had the best connection with their customers. The study also found that customers liked purchasing through H-E-B's app or website better as opposed to third party services like Instacart, Door Dash and/or others. Customers also found that the process was very easy and very reliable (

Another interesting part of this study showed that customers built a relationship by shopping at a brick and mortar store first which made it easier to transition to buying the store's products online. In other words, H-E-B customers trust the H-E-B brand, products and business so much that its easy to trust the online process.

The Factors that Put H-E-B on Top

According to the study, there were seven factors used to determine the top grocery chain; price, promotions, rewards, quality, speed and convenience, digital, and operations. H-E-B also has a strong relationship with the customer whether shopping in person or online.

For East Texans, this just makes them more jealous that a modern H-E-B experience doesn't exist in East Texas.

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