Its hard for native Texans to not defend our state when others want to start talking trash about our beloved land. I mean, Texas is just awesome. There's a ton of wide open spaces to explore. Our state is a melting pot of cultures that have helped mold our identity. Our food is the best. Even in Tyler or Longview, Texas, there is a lot to be proud of. So yeah, its hard to believe that our great state of Texas can be hated. But through some weird analytics, there is only one state that is more hated in these United States than Texas.

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The Weird Thing About Numbers

The weird thing about numbers is that while they are always true, they can also be manipulated in such a way as to create a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. In this case, its using those numbers as a way to find out who loves or hates a state. For the, I guess, study, took some numbers and found out from number fifty to number one the most hated states in our union.

Here's how they came about this conclusion:

  • The percentage of the population that moved out of a state
  • A Gallup poll of citizens who felt the most pride in their state
  • Answers from a random Instagram user with a 320,000 follower base
  • Combined populations of states who hated another state or states

All these statistics gave the publication its list of the most hated states in America.

Top 5 Least Hated States

50. Idaho
49. Utah
48. Washington
47. Nevada
46. Arizona

Top 5 Most Hated States

5. Florida
4. Oklahoma
3. California
2. Texas
1. New Jersey

For Texas, the population change was 2 percent compared to the national average of 0.6 percent. Texas has certainly seen a lot of people moving in over the last couple of years. Our state pride came in at 68 percent. Seems a little low but okay. States that hate us are Alaska, New Mexico, Oklahoma (makes sense) and California (also makes sense). The combined population of those states is roughly 46.3 million. That brings Texas' so called "Hatred Index" to 758.

Okay. Sure, I guess.

Gotta love these these weird polls with numbers that are just pulled out of thin air then thrown into a Google spreadsheet and hit calculate. Most of us Texans would wear that most hated state as a badge of honor. We love our state and no one can tell us different.

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