BATON ROUGE, LA: With his "Get to Know Your Tigers" series, Louisiana personal injury lawyer Gordon McKernan introduces fans to some of their favorite LSU Football players with a new YouTube series.

LSU v Florida State
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The "Get to Know Your Tigers" series will provide viewers an uncensored look into the lives of McKernan's LSU football NIL partners. This series offers a novel viewpoint by showing the true characteristics of these players in a world where athletes are frequently only seen through the prism of competition and performance.

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The openness and humor of the interviews form the basis of McKernan's series. Viewers are given an intimate glimpse into the lives of these players, whether it be through learning about their pre-game rituals, hearing about the best advice they've ever received, or even learning about their ideal superpowers.

In McKernan's series, the barriers between viewers and their favorite players are broken down, building a bond that extends beyond the football field. With McKernan's "Get to Know Your Tigers" series, fans and supporters alike will eagerly anticipate new insights into the lives of their beloved Tigers.

Gordon even sat down and talked with QB Garrett Nussmeier, who was born in Lake Charles:

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