Everyone in SWLA knows the infamous "Mike from Sasol" but was that just a yearlong fad or will people in SWLA be dressing up as him for Halloween.

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The story from a viral Facebook post goes like this: Mike from Sasol parked his grey Challenger at an Advance Auto Parts store in Lake Charles.  From there a girl named Miranda picked him in a red Camaro and they headed out together to the Golden Nugget. About an hour later Mike called that Advance Auto Parts store and asked if any of them had posted about his whereabouts on Facebook. He also said his wife was headed up there to bust out his car's windows.  Mike told the store to call the police if she was in their parking lot. Later that day Mike and Miranda returned to the auto parts store and Mike's wife was waiting for him in a black Honda. They all left with his wife following him closely in her car.

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That situation went viral in June of 2021. Some people didn't forget this EPIC story and were just waiting for the right moment to unveil their "Mike from Sasol" costumes last year for Halloween.

Mike from Sasol Costumes on Facebook:

I often wonder what happened to Mike.  Is he still working at Sasol?  Did Mike and his wife save their marriage or is he with Miranda?  Did Mike move to get away from his viral fame?  So many questions and no answers.

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