A restaurant in Mesquite, Texas, fired some workers after a couple accused them of refusing to serve them because they were Black.

According to CBS News Texas, Keisha Mitchell and Elvis Polley went to the IHOP to celebrate Polley's 49th birthday. However, a server told them they wouldn't get served because of their skin color.

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Mitchell told CBS Texas, "When we got to the restaurant, we were told that we were not going to be serviced because of our color. It is a shock, and your brain is not processing what you’re hearing."

It's Tricky Being Picky

Mitchell disagreed with the manager's explanation that the server was just "picky" about who she serves. She recorded their conversation which you can see below, saying, "She didn’t want to say she was racist, she said she’s ‘picky.’ No, that’s not being ‘picky’ if you’re selecting only a certain group of people that you want to serve."


No Apology Though?

The manager mentioned that the server had worked at IHOP for 25 years. However, IHOP’s parent company, Anthraper Restaurants, sent a statement to CBS NewsTexas expressing their displeasure. They didn't apologize directly but promised to investigate and provide anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training for employees.

Zero Tolerence

The company's statement said, "Since our founding, we have strived to create warm and hospitable dining experiences for all guests, and we have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind, or actions that allude to any form of discrimination."

They added, "We have fully investigated this matter and taken appropriate actions, including termination of the employees involved. This isolated incident is not reflective of our ongoing commitment to our guests and Team Members."

Check out the video below:


IHOP in Mesquite, Texas refuses to serve couple because of the color of their skin. Claims server has been like this for 25 years and their GM is okay with it.
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