Louisiana, the Sportsman's Paradise, has plenty to offer residents and tourists alike. With so much to do and see, even locals might not have had a chance to see all there is to see in our great state. Many times we fall back to the old reliable internet to help find new things to do.

Tripadvisor is one such destination for ideas, and from Shreveport to New Orleans and everywhere in between, people have ranked their experiences at unique attractions all over. Thanks to the number crunchers at Tripadvisor, they have compiled a list of top-rated attractions to visit when in the Bayou State. From nature-inspired outdoor adventures to on-of-a-kind buildings and businesses, there's plenty to do without having to burn an entire tank of gas to get there.

Do you want to reflect on one of the most important times in modern American history? Maybe checking out an animal exhibit while visiting 'Death Valley' is more your style. Feeling lucky? There are multiple locations on the list to try your luck no matter where you are in the state. Explore Louisiana also has plenty of suggestions on things to do here, and is excited to highlight shining examples of our great state.

With so many items on this list, there's bound to be something you've never tried before, even if you've lived in Louisiana your entire life. Why not add one (or more) of these top-ranked experiences to your personal bucket list and enjoy all there is to offer in our state. You'll not only have a great time, but you'll also be keeping tourist dollars in the state as well.

Highest-rated things to do in Louisiana, according to Tripadvisor

Stacker compiled a list of the highest rated things to do in Louisiana, according to Tripadvisor.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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