Most adults, if you asked them if they'd like to go back to school, they would probably say, "Thanks but no thanks."

But one 28-year-old woman apparently is in the minority because she went to high school for a good chunk of the 2022-23 school year. And she was just caught and arrested, along with her mother.

Yesterday morning, the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office arrested 46-year-old Marta Elizeth Serrano-Alvarado and her daughter, 28-year-old Martha Jessenia Gutierrez-Serrano, both of Boutte, Louisiana.

Each was charged with one count of Injuring Public Records.

Here's what happened.

On Monday, May 29, 2023, detectives were notified by the St. Charles Parish Public Schools of a possible adult attending Hahnville High School in Boutte during the 2022-23 school year.

School administration received a tip that a female student, who they had on record as being 17 years old, was in fact an adult possibly in her mid-20s. An internal investigation was launched and the Sheriff's Office was later notified.

St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office, Facebook
St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office, Facebook

And here's what they found out.

After an investigation, detectives learned that the mother had enrolled her daughter in school using a fraudulent passport and birth certificate.

The sheriff's office did not give an exact reason for Gutierrez-Serrano wanting to go back to school, nor did they say how long she attended the school.

Warrants were granted and later, Marta Elizeth Serrano-Alvarado and Martha Jessenia Gutierrez-Serrano were arrested.

Anyone with any information relating to this investigation is asked to contact Sergeant Allan Tabora with the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Division at (985) 783-6807, (985) 783-1159, or email

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