What probably started out as a routine day of fishing and fun on the water turned into a bit of a harrowing experience for two men and their dog. The men were aboard a 16-foot skiff on Wednesday afternoon, making their way through Sabine Pass near the Chenier LNG plant when their boat was flipped over.

United States Coast Guard
United States Coast Guard

The distress call was forwarded to the Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston watchstander via 911 at approximately 3 pm. The report detailed the size of the skiff in question and described the occupants, namely two men and a dog.

Coast Guard dispatchers sent a 29-foot Response Boat-Small Crew to the scene. They arrived at the distressed vessel about 20 minutes after the initial call was received. Coast Guard crewmen were able to safely assist the two men and the dog onto the rescue vessel. The victims and their canine companion were taken to a local boat launch.

Coast Guard crews reported that one of the men that were rescued did sustain a minor injury but did not require medical attention. The owner of the overturned boat will arrange for its salvage.

Coast Guard investigators believe the 16-foot pleasure craft was capsized by waves created as a larger vessel passed through Sabine Pass. The waterway is used by ships of all sizes and has become even more important to marine traffic with the construction of LNG plants and facilities along the waterway.

Certainly, this adventure on the water didn't turn out the way it was intended, but if you'd like to have some wet and wild fun this summer in Louisiana, check out these places where your need to call the Coast Guard should be greatly reduced.

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