(Lafayette, LA) - Louisiana loves its pizza. I know when you think of food and a city nestled deep in the heart of Louisiana’s Cajun Country your first thought of food is probably not pizza. You’re more likely to imagine etouffee, gumbo, or boiled or fried seafood. Those are usually the first thoughts of food when eating is discussed along and South of I-10. 

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 Now don’t get me wrong, we have some incredible pizza places that have incorporated Cajun and Creole tastes into some amazing pies. Those pies often incorporate Cajun sausages, the “holy trinity”, seafood, and maybe even a mirliton if you’re lucky.  

But just the other day I stumbled across a knowledge nugget online that certainly seemed to suggest that one pizza place in Lafayette is not the pizza place you may have thought it was online.  

Ben White via Unsplash.com
Ben White via Unsplash.com

Lafayette Pizza Place Hiding a "Secret"? 

The website Reddit is full of interesting nuggets of knowledge one that was recently posted was from a user of the site who was discussing a recent pizza order. The Redditor said they had made a pizza delivery order on Grub Hub. They ordered a pizza from Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings.  

The Redditor noticed that the pizza was like the pizza she had enjoyed from a pizza place with a different name and reputation. That place is Chuck E. Cheese's. You know the place where parents take their kids for their birthday parties and other fun occasions?  

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According to a story about the incident we’ve described above the Redditor asked the driver where he picked up the food and he explained that it was at a Chuck E. Cheese location, but they had a different name, Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings on the door.  

HellthyJunkFood via YouTube
HellthyJunkFood via YouTube

Is There a Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings in Lafayette? 

If you look on the DoorDash App there is a Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings that offers delivery to the Lafayette area. If you search the business profile on Door Dash you will find that the physical address for the Lafayette, Louisiana location of Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings is 3555 Ambassador Caffery Parkway.  

If you do a Google search for Chuck E. Cheese in Lafayette, you will find their address is listed at 3555 Ambassador Caffery Parkway in Lafayette. If you search for “pizza places at 3555 Ambassador Caffery Parkway in Lafayette there is only one pizza place that comes up. That would be Chuck E. Cheese. 

Google Maps Google Streetview
Google Maps Google Streetview

We should note that Chuck E. Cheese is not trying to hide the fact that they are creating pizza and wings for delivery. They are simply not overpublicizing the fact that Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings is part of their business model. A statement from the parent company suggests the restaurant chain wanted to offer a delivery-only premium pizza brand that operated from the kitchens of Chuck E. Cheese. 

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Y'all do know that Pasqually is a member of the band that performs at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants. He is the chef too. His complete character name is Pasqually P. Pieplate. Want to meet some of Chuck E. Cheese's other friends? Here you go.  And the parent company of Chuck E. Cheese thought naming their delivery service after him would be a good idea.

Is There a Difference Between Chuck E Cheese and Pasqually Pizza?

The short answer is yes, there is a difference between the two "styles" of pizza. The Pasqually Pizza offers a thicker crust, extra sauce, and different blends of cheeses and seasonings.

Although, as a veteran of many birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese I can attest the pizza they serve is really quite good to begin with. No, it's not the most "over-the-top gourmet" pizza but the quality of the ingredients is there, the crust is fine, and the toppings are all fresh too. That's my opinion and boy was I shocked to learn they sold beer too.

Do Other Businesses Have Secret Identities?

The practice is a lot more common than you might think. From a marketing standpoint having a different name for your home delivery that doesn't remind parents of screaming kids at birthday parties isn't a bad thought.  The folks at Applebee's, who might soon be IHOP locations deliver their chicken wings under the "Neighborhood Wings" moniker.

The practice of creating "delivery options" for restaurants that thrive on in-house dining gained popularity during the COVID pandemic and the business model has worked well for those who offer a quality product. Maybe that's why some of those DoorDash or GrubHub meals looked and tasted so familiar.

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