For many residents of Louisiana, the mere mention of a cold front or even a cool front sliding through to break the oppressive heat of the summer of 2023 has been a reason to smile. In fact, cooler weather has been on our minds since the last couple of weeks in June when the temperature climbed above 100 degrees and never seemed to go below the century mark.

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And while we've endured record-breaking heat for a number of weeks we are finally going to get our first taste of fall weather later this week and especially this weekend. But you know that in order for things to cool off things will have to "heat" up. And, this time I am not speaking of heat as measured by a thermometer. I am speaking of "heat" as in the potential for volatile weather across the state as the front moves through.

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A quick check of the forecast from the Storm Prediction Center, they're the forecast office that focuses specifically on severe weather, shows a risk of storms across all of Louisiana today. However, the SPC stops short of assigning a severe risk to today's storm forecast.

Now, that doesn't mean a specific location won't have a strong storm or two during the frontal passage. It just means there should be no widespread organized areas of severe weather across the state.

When Will it Actually Feel Cooler in Louisiana with this Front?

Naturally, the answer to that question depends on where in the state you happen to be. The Shreveport/Bossier City area is getting hammered with strong storms early this morning.

Those storms should start to subside by lunchtime or shortly thereafter. The forecast high in Shreveport today is 78, so I guess you could say they will begin the cool down this morning.

In the Lafayette and Lake Charles areas, our greatest threat of showers and storms will be building up throughout the afternoon hours. As of now, forecasters expect most of our shower and storm activity will occur during the nighttime hours as the front moves through.

Winds along the I-10 corridor will swing around to northerly by midnight and that should mean Friday morning temperatures will start in the lower 70s but will only rise into the middle 80s on Friday afternoon.

While the cooler temperatures and cool breezes will feel very nice this weekend, they will also enhance the fire danger across Louisiana as well. Please be cognizant of that fact and don't burn anything outside unless you absolutely have to do so. And remember in some parishes a burn ban remains in effect. So do check with your local fire department before you light anything.

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