Y'all won't believe the buzz surrounding a super Cajun stop sign in this small Louisiana town. It's got people cracking up in the bayou and beyond!

Country music artist and Louisiana native, Dustin Sonnier, recently shared a pic of this customized sign that's got folks in stitches. Some unidentified comical Cajun angel added the words "baw" (that means "boy" for all you non-Louisiana folks) above and "dat" (which means "that") below the word "STOP" on the sign. So now it reads, "Baw, stop dat." Hilariously Cajun, right?

Now, even though you can clearly see the sign is in Erath, Louisiana, with the town's name plastered on the water tower in the background, Dustin's followers can't help but ask where they can find this Cajun treasure. One joker in the comment section even said, "You gotta speak the language to get results."

So, I reached out to my brother-in-law, who's a true Erath local, to find out exactly where this is at and he tells me these signs are all over the place. Apparently, you can't swing a link of boudin around Erath without bumpin' into one of these hilarious stop signs!

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Now, I tried my best to find it on Google Maps, but no dice. Instead, I stumbled upon a few signs that were actually written in French, sayin' "Arret." Close, but no cigar.

But here's the thing. Erath is in the midst of a weeklong Independence Day Celebration, and with folks flockin' in from all over, this Cajun stop sign is like a hidden Easter egg that's just begging to be found. Picture yourself soaking up the rich culture, enjoying the lively festivities, and stumbling upon this gem all on your own. It's almost better if it happens that way!

Sonnier's photo of that sign has been shared more than 600 times and racked up over 500 likes and comments combined. It's gone viral, and people near and far can't get enough of this Cajun-flavored surprise. It's like the perfect blend of Louisiana charm and everyday traffic rules, and it's got everyone grinning from ear to ear.

So, if you ever find yourself cruisin' through the historic streets of Erath, keep your eyes wide open for that custom Cajun stop sign. It's a hilarious little gem that captures the spirit of the town, and it'll add a dash of fun to your Louisiana adventure.

And remember, in the words of that commenter, "you gotta speak the language to get results." So, baw stop dat, and Laissez les bons temps rouler, y'all!

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