Actress Emily Blunt is currently making headlines after a video from 2012 resurfaced, showcasing her making a derogatory comment about a restaurant server's weight. The incident has not only garnered attention from those who follow entertainment and celebrity news but also here locally—especially given the context that the comment referred to a server from Louisiana, where Blunt was filming at the time.

During her appearance on the U.K.'s "Jonathan Ross Show," Blunt was discussing her experiences while filming "Looper" in the United States, specifically in New Orleans and Thibodaux, Louisiana. In the midst of the conversation, she recalled an encounter at a Chili's restaurant. Host Jonathan Ross commented about the sizes of some Americans, leading Blunt to respond, "Well the girl who was serving me was enormous." She then elaborated on how the waitress was excited after recognizing her from the movie.

Given that "Looper" was filmed on location in New Orleans and Thibodaux, the server Blunt referred to was obviously a local Louisiana resident. This detail has been pointed out by folks who remember when she was in the area in the wake of her remarks, as many have also reminisced on her interactions with the local community during the filming.

In response to the growing criticism, Blunt released a statement, expressing deep regret and apologizing for her words. "I’m appalled that I would say something so insensitive, hurtful, and unrelated to whatever story I was trying to tell on a talk show," she articulated. "I was absolutely old enough to know better," she added.

As far as we know, no one has come out to identify themself as the person that Blunt was referring to, but based on how animated the encounter was in a story that has now gone viral, the server is very likely to have seen the actress' resurfaced video clip.

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