There's a good chance that in south Louisiana, particularly around Lafayette, you'll come across a handful of guys named Christopher Breaux. But back in 2005, among the sea of Christophers, there was one that stood out: Christopher E. Breaux. Does the name sound familiar? Maybe not, but you probably know him better as Frank Ocean.

That's right, the Frank Ocean we've all grown to admire was once a Ragin' Cajun. A New York Times interview from 2013 dropped this little gem, and a quick check with UL records confirmed it. Frank, or "Lonny" as his close friends and family called him, was making strides in music even back then, though it was still in its early stages.

Before joining us in Lafayette, he'd wrapped up at John Ehret High School in New Orleans. From there, he headed to the University of New Orleans, penning songs on the side. But 2005 wasn't just about school choices. Hurricane Katrina made a devastating impact, destroying Frank's recording studio in New Orleans. Following that setback, he found himself in Lafayette, at the University of Louisiana. However, when a recording opportunity called from Los Angeles, Frank answered, and his trajectory shifted.

did frank ocean go to ul?
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LA proved fruitful for Frank. He found himself writing for big names in the music industry and, by 2009, connected with Odd Future. His breakout moment came with 'Nostalgia, Ultra' in 2011, a mixtape that paved the way for his official debut, 'Channel Orange', in 2012. That same year, Frank made headlines for openly discussing his bisexuality, garnering both respect and admiration.

It's intriguing to think about Frank's short time in Lafayette. Did he try local favorites like the Judice Inn Burger? How did he feel about our notorious Johnston Street traffic? Perhaps some of you even crossed paths with him during that 2005 semester.

While we may not have all the answers, one thing is clear: Before taking the music world by storm, Frank Ocean briefly called Lafayette home and was, at least technically, a Ragin' Cajun.

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