New Orleans Saints wide receiver Chris Olave’s recent arrest for speeding has drawn more significant attention after TMZ Sports released bodycam footage of the incident.

The Kenner Police Department also posted the video on their YouTube channel, marking a notable departure from their usual practices.

Notably, this was the first time the department had uploaded bodycam footage of an arrest to the platform.

To add context, Rod Walker of The Times-Picayune noted that Kenner PD was one of the last police departments in the area to get bodycams earlier this year.

While Olave admitted his mistake, stating, “That's on me. I was just trying to get home,” reactions to his arrest have been polarized. Several commenters felt the arrest was excessive, given that Olave was cooperative and not under the influence. Nick Underhill, who first reported the arrest, questioned, “do we need this for a traffic ticket?”

Many raised eyebrows at the Kenner Police Department’s decision to post the video, especially since they hadn’t uploaded similar footage in five years. WWL producer and Saints sideline reporter Jeff Nowak pointed out the swift upload of the video, suggesting the speed might be due to Olave’s NFL status.

This sentiment was echoed by commenters who believed the department was “doing it for the views.”

A standout moment from the video was Olave’s statement, “I play for the Saints,” possibly hoping for leniency. The officer's unimpressed response, “And?” spurred a slew of comments on a Barstool NOLA clip. Some found humor in the exchange, while others criticized the officer's attitude or Olave's attempt to use his position to his advantage.

Chris Olave's tweets following the incident hinted at his feelings on the matter. One stated, “crazy world,” while a deleted tweet read, “they couldn’t wait to try to tear me down & bash me.”

Chris Olave, Twitter
Chris Olave, Twitter

Given this information, it prompts the question: Is the Kenner Police Department sensationalizing the arrest of a high-profile NFL star, or did Olave face the consequences that any individual would for significantly exceeding the speed limit?

The debate continues, with opinions divided on the matter. Give us your thoughts in the comments as we await word from the New Orleans Saints on any possible punishment from the organization.

In the meantime, see the original story on Olave's arrest here.

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