The Caesars Superdome in New Orleans is undergoing a major transformation with the latest round of renovations, and Saints fans are in for a surprise when they enter the stadium this fall.

According to, one of the most noticeable changes will be the addition of atriums on the first level near Poydras Street, specifically at Gate B and Gate H. These atriums will provide a more spacious and welcoming entrance for fans, offering a place to grab food, drinks, Saints team merchandise, and meet up with friends.

To achieve an open and airy feel, massive panels of extruded aluminum tubing called "atrium skins" will rise from the 200 level to the 500 level. Instead of traditional skylights, a specially designed fabric with LED lighting will create the illusion of natural light, which can also change colors based on the teams playing.

Imagine the entire interior of the dome lit up in vermilion red if the Ragin' Cajuns happen to end up playing in the New Orleans Bowl. Or could you imagine a complete purple takeover when LSU faces an opponent in the dome?

Along with increased space, the Superdome will feature improved transportation options. Northeast and Northwest Quads will now have escalators to transport patrons from the 100 to the 200 level. On the 200 level, fans will have access to more food and beverage options. A "remarkable 120-foot escalator" will take them directly from the 200 level to their seats on the 500 level and above. For those sitting on the 650 level or planning to enjoy the new standing-room-only decks, there will be another escalator on the 500 level.

The renovation project, set to be completed before the 2024 football season, aims to bring the Caesars Superdome up to modern standards comparable to new stadiums worldwide.

The timing is perfect as it coincides with the Superdome's 50th anniversary, and the venue will be ready to host Super Bowl 2025. Not only will the renovations provide a more enjoyable fan experience, but they will also extend the Superdome's lifespan for decades to come.

As a longtime Saints season ticket holder I personally can't wait to see these renovations, and ultimately the final product, in person.

For more images and even more detailed information about the ongoing renovations, be sure to check out

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