Police in Arizona are still trying to figure out the story behind a human skull that made it into a box of items donated to a resale store.

'An Actual Human Skull'

According to ABC15 in Phoenix, officers were called to a Goodwill store in Goodyear, Az. earlier today to retrieve "what appears to be an actual human skull."

Goodyear is approximately 20 miles west of Phoenix.

For those unfamiliar with the store, Goodwill is a Maryland-based nonprofit that operates resale stores around the country while also providing "educational and workforce-related services" according to its website. 

A sign for a Goodwill store in Warren, Pennsylvania, USA
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Goodwill relies on donations from the community to stock its shelves. It's just that those donated items don't typically include human skulls.

ABC15 says the skull was taken to a medical examiner who "believes it is historic."

The investigation is still ongoing despite there being no direct association with a crime at this time.

Can You Donate A Skull To Goodwill?

The items accepted as donations can vary by Goodwill. Arizona stores, for example, are extremely flexible when it comes to accepting unwanted items.

According to Goodwillaz.org, stores in Arizona "will happily sort and sell just about anything you bring in (besides unsellable hazardous materials)."

That means if the skull is determined not to be hazardous, Goodwill can certainly accept it as a donation in Arizona.

Here's a look at some additional items you might want to think twice about trying to donate to Goodwill.

Things Goodwill Doesn't Want You to Donate

Goodwill has always had an impossibly solid business model... People give their stuff to them for free. Goodwill sells it in-store and online. Instant profits... but there is a limit to what they will accept on the back dock. Here's a quick rundown of what Goodwill might turn away.

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