This was going to be a happy 250th birthday to the United States opening July 4, 2026 in the tiny coastal town of Columbia Falls, Maine just an hour-and-a-half from Canada looking toward Nova Scotia.

It would have been the tallest flagpole on the planet where you could go to the tippy top for an incredible view after roaming a 2,500-acre park and museum then dining at one if the restaurants after shopping.

It was all to pay tribute to the 24 million+ American veterans killed since the Revolutionary War called Flagpole of Freedom Park, and most definitely an architectural wonder. It was going to have miles of looping roads and trails, gondolas, multiple villages, camping grounds, a hotel, restaurants, and shops.

Flagpole of Freedom Park via Facebook
Flagpole of Freedom Park via Facebook

This new travel destination was the vision of the founding family of Wreaths Across America.

It always seemed farfetched to me personally because its construction was entirely dependent on raising $1 billion through private funding and that was just for phase one.

Anyway, the town wasn't having something this massive and passed a temporary halt on large-scale projects. Even though the six-month moratorium ended in the fall of 2023, I noticed at the end of 2023 that the project's website had disappeared, and the Facebook page hadn't had activity in months.

Now we know why.

According to WBZ NewsRadio, the project is no more especially since the town of Columbia Falls was going to vote again this March of 2024 to pass new codes against large-scale projects that wouldn't temporarily halt the Flagpole of Freedom Park this time but permanently.

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