Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - We've all experienced it. A driver that has you waiting unnecessarily because he or she didn't use their blinker. On a foggy south Louisiana morning or in driving rain, you don't see the other vehicle because the driver hasn't turned on their lights.

The law in Louisiana demands that you signal a turn or a lane change. You're also supposed to have your lights on if your windshield wipers are on.

No matter how often we talk about it or how many reminders police officers give us, there are still those jack-wagons who can't seem to figure out where those devices are or how to use them.

If recent social media posts are any indication, the struggle to get people to properly utilize their car's equipment extends way past the Bayou State.

Enter the Homer, Alaska, Police Department.

Whoever is running their Facebook account created clever, hilarious posts that may finally get the point across to drivers who decide they don't need to use such gadgets.

The terms this person uses truly dumb down the process and make for side-splitting laughter for those of us who appreciate their effort.

With pictures and cleverly crafted terms like "doohickey" and "knobby guy," their first post encouraged the use of headlights, especially in inclement weather.

The poster then moved on to the appropriate use of the blinker, reminding folks that there is no need for blinker fluid. One commenter thanked them for the reminder about "blinky things."

The department's social media person went a step further and gave the stick protruding from the steering column a name: Dingus-Leever.

I dare you to read it without laughing and wanting to read it out loud to your friends and family.

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