Boosie BadAzz recently put his 14-year-old son on blast after catching him thirsting over photos of Latto.

Boosie Puts Son on Blast

On Sunday (April 7), Boosie shared a video on Instagram that appears to show him and his son at a phone store. In the video, which can be seen below, the Louisiana rapper creeps up behind his son who is looking at a slideshow on his phone. The slideshow features nothing but pictures of Latto. One pic is a closeup of the "Big Energy" rapper's butt.

"Man, gone ’head," Boosie's son says when he notices he's been discovered.

"This n***a in love with [Latto]," Boosie says. "[Latto] I need you at the 16 birthday party."

Boosie captioned the post, "BUSTED BY DADDY HE IS @latto777 CRAZY ITS OK U 14 my son got a Slideshow of her I’m lmao."

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Boosie Comments on Diddy Scandal

Boosie recently made headlines for commenting on the Diddy scandal after he questioned why none of the people who attended Diddy's parties are speaking up on his behalf following the mogul's sex trafficking investigation.

"I don't hear none of them n***as that was toasting at Diddy's with that champagne every year, having speeches with mane, nobody speak up for this mane or nothing," Boosie said. "When you on top of the world, it's a celebration. When you on the bottom, it's a denial-ation. All of them muthaf***as all with their suits on, and their cups up. Ain't nobody saying nothing. Boy this world, boy."

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Check out the video of Boosie BadAzz calling out his son for thirsting over photos of Latto below.

Watch Boosie Catch His Son Thirsting Over Latto Pictures

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