Cam'ron is denying the woman pictured on the crotch area of a pair of jeans he was seen wearing in a viral video is Melyssa Ford.

Cam'ron Clears the Air About Viral Jeans

Killa has had the internet buzzing over the weekend after video was shared on social media that shows him wearing a pair of blue jeans that appear to feature the face of former video vixen and current The Joe Budden Podcast cohost Melyssa Ford on the crotch. On Sunday (Jan. 14), Cam hopped on Instagram to clear the air.

"Thx @jermainedupri @nelly for joining the show @itiswhatitis_talk please come back soon!!" Cam captioned a photo of himself wearing the jeans. "Also I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs. Yall have the wrong idea. The person on my pants is not who y’all think it is. This lady’s name is carol," he added, along with a shoulder shrug emoji.

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Cam'ron and Melyssa Ford's Beef Explained

Cam'ron and Melyssa Ford's beef kicked off in December of 2023 when she implied he might have had sex with an underage prostitute after he told a story about having sex with a woman he got from a brothel in the 1990s. Killa clapped back, accusing Ford of slander, which prompted her to apologize. However, the Harlem, N.Y. rapper continued to go at her. On Saturday (Jan. 13), JD visited Cam's It Is What It Is podcast for an interview and shared a video of Cam'ron wearing jeans with a woman pictured with her mouth open over his crotch that was presumed to be a photo of Ford. Cam appears to be calling cap on those assertions.

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Check out Cam'ron's post denying the woman pictured on the crotch of his jeans is Melyssa Ford below.

See Cam'ron's Post Addressing His Viral Jeans

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