DDG went viral over the weekend with his video of home intruders slapping him while he was asleep. Turns out, it was just a skit.

DDG Shows Viral Video of Home Intruders Slapping Him While He Was Asleep

On Friday (Sept. 15), DDG posted on his YouTube vlogging page, a video of himself addressing a serious incident that occurred at his home. According to the former 2021 XXL Freshman, two men broke into his home while he was asleep and slapped him in the face.

To show proof, the Michigan rapper showed footage of his security camera of the home intruders who crept into his bedroom, slapped him and immediately ran away. Now keep in mind, the burglars didn't steal anything in the house. They broke in, slapped DDG and ran away — giggling.

Nevertheless, DDG didn't find it funny.

"Whoever you are, I don’t know what type of sick game you think you're playing, I don’t know if you think it’s cool to sneak in my house and put your hands on me as a joke. It’s not funny," he said in his highly-produced visual, which you can watch below.

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DDG Reveals the Video Is Not Real

On Sunday (Sept. 17), DDG jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to tell his followers that the video he posted was fake. Apparently, the 25-year-old rapper had been getting messages from people worried about him since he posted the video.

"Y'all really think a n***a ran in my crib & slapped me & dipped or y’all trolling? [tears of joy emoji]," he tweeted.

Hours later he added: "[I] run the internet.. y’all gon read about me forever.. get used to it."

It looks like DDG is back making prank videos on YouTube again.

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Watch DDG's weird viral home intruder video below.

Watch DDG's Viral Video of Home Intruders Slapping Him While He Was Asleep Below

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