Drake is blasting Charlamagne Tha God for The Breakfast Club cohost's critique of Drizzy's new single "Slime You Out" featuring SZA.

Drake Disses Charlamagne for "Slime You Out" Review

Drake's new single "Slime You Out" has been getting mixed reviews since it was released on Sept. 15. On Monday (Sept. 25), Drake responded to Charlamagne Tha God's recent negative critique of the new track.

"Are you OK Lenard. You kinda weirding me out G," Drake shared on his Instagram Story below. "Like you really obsessed with me or something for years like you look in the mirror and wish you saw my reflection type s**t. Whatever you gotta do to let it out I'm sure your 435 loyal fans will stand by you ya f**king goof."

Drizzy followed up by sharing numerous clips of Charlamagne talking about him in various instances including VladTV interviews in July of 2013 and November of 2013 where Charlamagne called Drake corny and feminine. Drake also shared a Tim Westwood interview from 2011 where he addresses hate he's received from Charlamagne in the past. In addition, Drake also added a headshot of The Breakfast Club cohost along with the caption: "In deep thought about how you the off brand Morris Chestnut."

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Charlamagne Tha God Questions "Slime You Out" Response

Drake appears to be responding to Charlamagne's recent critique of Drake's SZA-assisted For All the Dogs single.

"Drake put out a song last Friday and nobody cared," Charlamagne opined on a recent episode of his Brilliant Idiots podcast. "It came out last Friday and people just started talking about the lyrics yesterday...That's not Drake-like. He's gonna be fine. But also, you see the album cover and you think For All the Dogs. I think we were looking for something a little bit more harder."

Charlamagne Claims He and Drake Are in Cahoots

On Monday morning's episode of The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne jokingly claimed he and Drake planned this for album promotion.

"I'm part of the album rollout," Charlamagne noted. "He drops a record, I critique it, it brings more attention to the record, more attention to the project. I keep telling Drake, he doesn't need me to do that."

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Peep Drake blasting Charlamagne Tha God below.

See Drake Dissing Charlamagne Tha God and Charlamagne's Response

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