Could Drake be dissing Rihanna on "Fear of Heights," a song from Drizzy's new album, For All the Dogs? Many fans certainly think so.

Fans Think Drake Is Dissing Rihanna on "Fear of Heights" From For All the Dogs Album

Drake's storied history with global superstar Rihanna has long been a topic of conversation among music fans, and the content on Drizzy's For All the Dogs album is no exception. Immediately following the album's release on Friday (Oct. 6), timelines on X, formerly known as Twitter, became flooded with speculation that Drake unleashed a barrage of shots fired directly at Rihanna, specifically on the song "Fear of Heights."

"Drake dissing Rihanna on the album is crazyyyy," one X user writes. "He's so salty I'm weak."

Another chimed in with: "I don't care what Drake say I refuse to believe sex with Rihanna is average lol."

"Drake meant he singing to Rihanna when he said this album was gonna sound like the old Drake," yet another fan opined.

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What Drake Lyrics on "Fear of Heights" Do Fans Think Are Aimed at Rihanna?

While Drake doesn't call Rihanna out by name on "Fear of Heights," there are a few key things in his lyrics that the internet sleuths are using to connect the dots. The implication from listeners is that regardless of Drake's dismissive raps on the song, he remains in his feelings.

While rhyming about a past romance gone sour, not only does the Toronto MC use the term "gyal," a Caribbean word for "girl" which Rihanna uses frequently in her own music, but it's also believed by many that Drake's continuous play on the word "anti" is a direct reference to RiRi's 2016 album, ANTI.

"Why they make it sound like I'm still hung up on you?" Drake raps on the opening verse. "That could never be/Gyal can't ruin me/Better him than me/Better it's not me/I'm anti, I'm anti/Yeah, and the sex was average with you."

The Boy carries on: "Yeah, I'm anti 'cause I had it with you/Okay, I'm auntie like your daddy sister/Auntie like a family picture/And I had way badder b****es than you, TBH."

Why Would Drake Diss Rihanna?

Aside from working together on smash hits like 2011's "Take Care" and 2016's "Work," Drake and Rihanna were romantically involved on and off throughout the early 2010s. However, things between the two A-list artists took a turn for the worse in 2016.

After Drake declared that he "loved her since I was 22 years old" at that year's MTV Video Music Awards, Rihanna later explained in an interview with Vogue that the two were no longer friends and that "it is what it is." Ever since, sneak disses and internet memes about Drake being upset with RiRi have been running rampant across the internet.

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Check out Drake's "Fear of Heights" from the new For All the Dogs album and see more speculation from fans that the song is about Rihanna below.

Listen to Drake's New Song "Fear of Heights" and See Fans Claim He's Dissing Rihanna in the Lyrics

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