A Flo Rida fan crowd-surfed their baby during the rapper's performance over the weekend.

A Flo Rida Fan Crowd-Surfs Their Baby During the Rapper's Performance

On Sunday (Aug. 20), a Reddit user named anonomouspenguinn posted a video of a fan's baby crowd-surfing while Flo Rida performed at CelebrateErie 2023, a three-day music festival in Erie, Pa. In the footage below, the Florida rapper stretches his arms out as the infant crowd-surfs on top of concertgoers.

Once the baby gets closer, the 43-year-old artist puts his mic down, gently cradles the baby, plants a kiss on their forehead and continues his performance. At one point, Flo Rida even holds the microphone to the little one's mouth so they can let out a few babbles. In the following video posted by TikToker tinguspingus, which can be seen below, another fan who joined Flo Rida on stage holds the infant in the air and takes a selfie with them while the rapper performs his 2015 single, "GDFR."

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Fans React to Seeing a Flo Rida Fan Crowd-Surf Their Baby

After watching the video of the baby crowd-surfing during Flo Rida's set at CelebrateErie 2023, fans on Reddit stated that the infant shouldn't have been there to begin with due to the excessively loud noise at concerts.

"Concerts are way too loud for a baby," one Reddit user commented underneath the video.

Another Reddit user penned, "First thing I checked was are there any earplugs on the ears? There aren't. The baby should have real ear protection."

The baby's mother has yet to comment on this matter.

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Take a look at the baby who crowd-surfed during Flo Rida's performance below.

Watch a Flo Rida Fan's Baby Crowd-Surf During the Rapper's Performance

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