Future appears to be dissing his ex-girlfriend Ciara's husband, NFL player Russell Wilson, on a new track with Quavo.

Quavo Drops New Track "Turn Yo Clic Up" Featuring Future

Last night (July 13), Quavo released the new song "Turn Yo Clic Up," the latest single from his upcoming Rocket Power album. The track finds Hendrix taking a dig at "Russell" on his verse on the Atake and Sluzyyy-produced track.

"Goyard bag, tote the cutter/I got it out the field, f**k Russell," Future rhymes.

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Fans Think Future Is Dissing Russell Wilson

While there is a chance Future is making a clever line in reference to the popular athletics brand Russell Athletics, people are convinced he is taking a shot at the husband of his ex.

"Ion know seem like bro cant get Ciara off his mind lmao," one Twitter user commented about the line.

"Future doesn’t want to accept he the past. Russell mustn’t let this disrespect slide," someone else posted.

"This has gotten really old really fast. He's gona keep Russ' name in his mouth forever at this rate," another post reads. "The better man clearly won."

Future, Russell Wilson and Ciara Saga

Ciara began dating current Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson following her breakup with Future in 2015, and the couple have since married and have two kids together. At times, there has seemed to be tension between Future and Russ. Back in 2016, Ciara admitted that she feared Future would try to kill Russell, who mostly stays out of the drama. Last year, the couple vacated a party after Future was showed up.

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Listen to Quavo's "Turn Yo Clic Up" featuring Future and peep the Twitter reactions below.

Check Out Quavo and Future's "Turn Yo Clic Up" and More Reactions to Future's Apparent Russell Wilson Diss Below

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