During his interview on the Club Shay Shay podcast, Katt Williams cleared the air on helping Migos with money to get out of a financial situation.

Katt Williams Clarifies Rumor on Helping the Migos Financially Early in Their Careers

Katt Williams' viral interview on Shannon Sharpe's Club Shay Shay podcast featured a lot of revelations from the comedian. In particular, his generosity when it comes to giving people money. During his convo with Sharpe, Katt addressed whether or not he helped Migos with money to get out of a financial situation.

"I don't think we ever as a nation can remember a time that the Migos were financially unsuccessful so for the record I would assume that they've never needed Katt Williams financial assistance for anything I'm sure that between QC the label and other things they were taken of," Katt said at the 1:55-minute mark in the video below.

"On the other hand, if I was given the opportunity to help them, would I? Of course I would. That's what I do. I'm a pro-Black non-racist," he continued. "I really, really love Black people but I don't love them more than other people. I love everybody. I'm a Black guy and I try to stick with that."

Katt went on to explain his tendency to help people financially without making a big deal about it. He said, "I'm not one of those pillow talkers. When I do something good, I'm really not doing it for the 'Gram. It's not for any of that. I'm just doing it because it's good to do."

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Katt Williams' Club Shay Shay Podcast Interview Will Go Down as Legendary

Katt Williams' Club Shay Shay interview will most likely go down as the wildest interview in podcast history. During the nearly three-hour conversation, which can be viewed below, Katt revealed some of the unscrupulous happenings in the entertainment industry and how some actors had to do some things to get ahead in Hollywood. At one point, Katt claimed he turned down $50 million on multiple occasions. He also mentioned he received invites to party with Diddy.

"I've had to turned down $50 million four times," Katt revealed at the 1:43:32-mark of the interview below. "Four times. Just to protect my integrity and that virgin hole I was telling you about," he added, referencing earlier comments about some actors having to commit sex acts to get roles.

"'Cause P. Diddy be wanting to party and you gotta tell him no. You got to tell him no. I did. See, I got receipts for everything I'm telling you. That's why I can say them so freely," he stated.

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Watch Katt Williams' infamous interview on Shannon Sharpe's Club Shay Shay podcast below.

Watch Katt Williams' Infamous Interview on Shannon Sharpe's Club Shay Shay Podcast

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