Ralo has offered his thoughts on Lil Wop transitioning into a woman.

Ralo Criticizes Lil Wop for Transitioning Into a Woman

On Sunday (July 16), Ralo jumped on his Twitter page and responded to a tweet which reported on Lil Wop allegedly being laced with fake pills that he brought from a person he didn't know. The tweet also featured A side-by-side photo of Wop when he was a man and his current state as a transgender woman.

In his tweet, Ralo wrote, "I know everyone got they lil flaws and desires, but idgaf what drug I do or get laced with my soul won't ever allow me to do no s**t like that. Women are too beautiful to be faked..."

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Lil Wop Announces He's Transitioning to Become a Transgender Person

Last February, Lil Wop, born Louis McPherson, shocked rap fans when he revealed that he was bi-sexual. The Atlanta-based rapper wrote in an IG post, "I'm Bisexual I Like Guys & Girls [relieve face emoji, double hearts emoji][.] It’s W.E [face sticking out tongue emoji]."

Then in May of 2023, the 27-year-old rhymer announced that's in the process of transitioning to become a transgender person. "In The Transition Into Becoming A Full Transgender," he wrote in the caption of his post via Instagram. It's unknown if Wop plans to change his name and he didn't provide his preferred pronouns to call him.

Since then, it appears that Lil Wop had some type of lip augmentation done on him. He posted a brief clip of himself on his IG page and revealed in the caption that he got his lips done (see below).

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Watch Lil Wop's origin story below.

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