Rick Ross' claim on a new diss track that Drake sent a cease-and-desist letter to French Montana could be a result of the song "Splash Brothers," which initially featured French, Rozay and Drizzy.

Rick Ross Accused Drake of Sending French Montana a Cease-and-Desist Letter

On Saturday (April 13), Rick Ross fired back at Drake with the response track "Champagne Moments," which Rozay released after a leaked Drizzy diss mentioning Ross dropped the same day. On Ross' song, the Miami rapper mentioned that the reason he unfollowed Drake on social media is because the Toronto MC sent a cease-and-desist letter to French. Ross' revelation perplexed many fans, who were wondering what C&D he was talking about.

A Reddit post from January of this year shows cover art for French Montana's song, "Splash Brothers." The image, which can be viewed below, features the faces of French, Drake and Rick Ross photoshopped onto the bodies of three notable Golden State Warriors players. The original song, which can be heard below, leaked back then as well.

Many fans believe this is the track Rozay was referring to when saying Drake sent a cease-and-desist letter. It's unclear why the 6 God slapped an injunction on the release of this single. A revised version of the track appears on French's latest mixtape, Mac & Cheese 5, but with Lil Wayne replacing Drake.

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Rick Ross Fires Back at Drake on "Champagne Moments" Diss Track

Rick Ross' "Champagne Moments" finds Ross unleashing the disrespect on Drizzy after mentioning Ross' name on the leaked diss. Drake also goes at Kendrick Lamar, Future, Metro Boomin and The Weeknd on the track.

Over a plodding beat and sorrowful violins, the Maybach Music Group honcho revealed an uncorroborated secret that Drake got a nose job because he didn't want to have the same nose as his dad. Additionally, throughout the song, Ross insults Drizzy by calling him a "White boy."

"You ain't never wanted to be a n***a anyway, n***a. That's why you had an operation that make your nose looks smaller than your father nose, n***a. I unfollowed you, n***a, 'cause you sent a muthaf**kin' cease-and-desist to French Montana, n***a," Ross reveals on the song.

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Check out the Reddit post of French's initial "Splash Brothers" single and listen to the official track below.

See Artwork for "Splash Brothers" Featuring French Montana, Drake and Rick Ross

French Montana - "Splash Brothers" (feat. Drake and Rick Ross) being released on March 8th
byu/Speed_King_Ignite inDrizzy

Listen to French Montana's Initial "Splash Brothers" Song Featuring Drake

Listen to French Montana's "Splash Brothers" Featuring Rick Ross and Lil Wayne

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