Yeat is insisting his claims about having a childhood encounter with aliens are 100 percent fact. Now, he is giving more details about his extraterrestrial meeting.

Yeat Describes Alien Encounter

On Sunday (Nov. 26), German magazine 032C debuted a new cover story with Yeat. During the conversation, the buzzing rapper was asked about his previous claims about having a close encounter of the third kind.

"That was deada*s," Yeat said. "It was real. I won't go into much detail because I'm not sure if they want me to talk about this right now. The aliens, I mean. I will say one thing though—they are really tall and looked almost human."

Yeat continued: "I remember everything on the night it transpired, second for second. I can tell the difference between a dream and reality, and I know I was awake. That's also my first memory. Everything before that feels fake. Sometimes I think I'm not even from here, because I have dreams about other planets."

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Yeat Previously Speaks on Alien Encounter

Last November, Yeat told Complex he met aliens when he was 11. Back in July, Yeat claimed on Instagram he'd been contacted by aliens when he was a kid. In the post, he wrote, "When i was young i seen an alien n they told me what to do. Thats all I remember fr."

Yeat is one of several rappers who claim to have known aliens existed.

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