J Prince manages to get YBN Almighty Jay's chain back from the rapper's alleged robbers.

After some back and forth on social media, the CEO and founder of Rap-A-Lot Records announced on Tuesday (March 19), via his Instagram account, that he received the diamond-encrusted jewelry back that was stolen from Jay in a brutal robbery on March 8 in New York.

Prince posted a photo of himself holding the bauble flanked by his crew along with French Montana and Hasan "Hocus 45th" Harris. For the caption, Prince wrote a lengthy message thanking French and Hocus for their support.

"Real recognizes real in every hood and has a way of connecting in spite of clowns and squares," Prince writes. "The homies from the Bronx, KT, @hocus45th and @frenchmontana kept it real with me and my son @jprincejr."

"Tho it was never about the chain, it was about the name that was built off of blood sweat and tears," he continues. "I welcome these brothers to our #MobTies movement and look forward to us doing business in the future together."

"There’s power in numbers and when strong brothers from the streets align themselves with one another, suckas tremble. So I can only imagine how some of you are feeling right now!" he added.

J Prince also invited French and Hocus to his son Jas Prince's upcoming birthday celebration, which takes place in Houston from March 28-31. In return, the rap mogul will visit the Bronx to show his solidarity in the #MobTies movement.

"The big picture here is the same as I stated in my first post, to not allow moment thinkers to muddy the waters over the movement," Prince writes.

YBN Almighty Jay was robbed and assaulted in New York City on March 8. During the robbery, the alleged thieves reportedly cut his face wide open with a Hennessy bottle and the wound reportedly required 300 stitches to close. Since the attack, Jay has addressed the situation on his introspective song "Let Me Breathe." The men who many believe assaulted Jay are currently in federal custody on unrelated charges.

Check out J Prince's post about receiving YBN Almighty Jay's chain back and his message about unity and the Mob Ties movement below.

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