There are many athletes, especially professional athletes, that adopt a certain sense of style as part of their brands. I am sure fans of the NFL are well aware of some of the wardrobe choices made by star quarterback Cam Newton. And, former LSU standout Joe Burrow was caught up in the fashion buzz because of the coat he wore to the Superbowl.

But those are fashion choices. New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston is making a personal style choice and he's using it to make a personal statement. Those of you who have been following Winston's recovery from injury may have noticed that over the past few months, Jameis' hair has gotten long. Well, not Axl Rose long (young Axl Rose) but pretty dang long for Jameis.

What's the story behind the sudden Rapunzel shift? Jamies explained it like this.

It looks as if Winston is channelling his inner Samson of Biblical fame. You might recall Samson had incredible strength and power that was derived from his hair. He was betrayed by a woman, Delilah, who cut off his power yielding locks while he was sleeping.

Andam Winger via
Andam Winger via

Let's hope Jameis' won't suffer a similar fate of either having a companion attempt to offer him a new hairstyle while he is sleeping and the if he does remove the majority of his hair that he won't suffer from a loss of physical ability because he's going to need all of that physical ability to help the Black and Gold win on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, or whatever darn day the NFL is scheduling games for next season.

There are many pundits who are telling anyone who will listen that this is a different Jameis Winston. He seems very focused and very hungry following his injury. Let's hope with the off-season adjustments the New Orleans Saints have made around him that he will be able to shine as he did when he was taken with the first pick in the NFL Draft back in 2015. 

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