Janet Jackson has shared a snippet of a new song off her upcoming album, just two weeks after confirming the release and announcing her new label Rhythm Nation. It's all really happening!

Her hashtag seems to suggest that the song is officially called "Conversations in a Cafe." The clip weighs in a slender 53 seconds, but it's enough to hear that the sound is very Janet and her vocals sound great. For all we know, the new album may take plenty of risks and we'll almost certainly get some uptempo tracks (gimme a beat!). But we need slow, sweet "Any Time, Any Place"-type ballads like this one, too.

Given Janet's tweet, the song is both a love song and a thank-you note to loyal fans [AHEM]. Her lyrics say, “I lived through my mistakes / It’s just a part of growing / And never for a single moment / Did I go without your love / You made me feel wanted / I wanna tell you how important you are to me / Love.” 

The song teaser comes on the heels of her Unbreakable world tour news, and she'll be kicking things off in Vancouver this summer. Check out the full list of tour dates here — will we see you there?

Until we're graced with more surprises from Miss Jackson, you should check out all of the features we've rolled out in Janet June, our month-long tribute to Janet's rich contributions to music, music videos, dancing and all-around fierceness.

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