Last night during the All-Star game the world saw the best dunk of the weekend, but it didn't even happen during the game or come from anyone in the NBA for that matter.

Jordan Kilganon—known in the dunk world as "Mission Impossible"—threw down his famous "Scorpion Dunk" during a 4th quarter timeout during the 2016 NBA All-Star game, throwing TNT announcers into a frenzy.

Not only were the announcers impressed to the point of replaying the dunk over and over again after commercial break, but the All-Stars on the sideline absolutely lost their minds after seeing Jordan go airborne.

Oh, and did I mention he did all of this in jeans?

At 6'1", Kilganon looks more like a tennis player than a basketball player, but this dude has some SERIOUS hops. The 23-year-old Canadian from Ontario is actually well known for his dunking skills and his managed to make a living doing what he does best.

Jordan was pursuing a bachelor's degree in industrial design before dropping out to make a living off of his dunks and and start a business called Bounce Kit to help people improve their vertical leap.

Eventually my legs would be so sore that I’d try to get out of bed and I’d just collapse. I’d have to hold onto the walls to make it to the kitchen. People would always ask me, ‘Why are you doing this?’ In my head, I was like, ‘You don’t understand. I’m going to be the best in the world at this.’

As awesome as the "Scorpion Dunk" is, it isn't even Jordan's most famous dunk. You can see all of his high-flying antics on his official Instagram page.

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