One of the hottest songs right now on the radio is Jay Rock "Win". I have always liked his style since I heard him back several years ago. When I saw that he aligned himself with TDE and leader of the pack Kendrick Lamar, I knew it was only a matter of time before things popped off for him.

He's released a few albums that really never hit where I thought it should, but after his appearance on The Black Panther soundtrack. I knew that his time was coming. He is getting ready to drop his latest album called "Redemption" and I am sure that it will pick up where Kendrick and SZA left off. Peep out the video for his latest single below.



Check out his first video that he released in 2008 featuring Lil Wayne "All My Life" featuring not only a younger Jay Rock, but another familiar face that was way ahead of his time.


Jay Rock- "All My Life":



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