Jay z's partnership with the NFL has caused an uproar. Folks are feeling some type of way and for the most part feel the iconic rap mogul has betrayed the Black community. Celebrities, professional athletes, including NFL superstars have blasted Hov for teaming up with the "enemy." People are calling him out especially when he was one of the main voices boycotting the league for what they did to San Francisco 49'ers starting quarterback, Collin Kaepernick, when they fired him and blackballed him in the prime of his career.

He lost his job for taking a stand for people he have no voice. Unfortunately America is
still not living up to the character, freedoms and liberties our country's anthem speaks of. Miami's
CBS-WFOR TV reports  people like, 
Miami Dolphins Kenny Stills, as so upset. Stills said when Jay Z made that statement it really struck a nerve adding, "He's never been on a knee." The Dolphins Wide Receiver is especially angry that Jay Z felt he had to right to speak for the entire Black community. Stills said, "Choosing to speak for the people like he had spoken to the people. ... I wonder how many common people that he knows or has spoken to. I wonder if he's read my Facebook comments or my Instagram comments or some of the things people say to me. To say we're moving past something, it didn't seem very informed."

Carolina Panthers Eric Reid had some choice words the Roc Nation mogul as well. Did Hov mean
we are beyond "kneeling" in terms of everything all good? I personally don't believe he did. The jury is still on this for me. I wanna see what happens. I'm going to watch and see what he does and reserve making a judgement till then. It is very possible that he meant something more has to be done. It is very possible he means
we need to go from playing for the NFL to becoming owners and changing the league from within. More than that, the players need to see that
they too are owners and have far more power then they realize.

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Jay-Z is not a sellout. I’ve known this brother for years and being a sellout is something I’ve never witnessed in all the years I’ve known him. - - It’s important for us as people to not automatically go in hate mode, before getting some overstanding beyond the understanding that you already have. - - I’ve interacted with Kaepernick personally and respect the kneel that he took for the cause of injustice. Anybody disrespecting this brother lacks the overstanding of the beginning of a movement. - - We all know as babies and as adults we had to crawl before we walk. So to paraphrase Jay-Z, the kneeling was good, now it’s time to walk and eventually we shall run. - - I guess to sum this up all I’m saying is don’t become one of those people who hates out of ignorance or hate just because another brother is prospering. - - I congratulate the homie Jay-Z and can’t wait to witness the work he puts in.

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Like many in support of his partnership with the NFL, I'm looking at the fact that he put us at the table. Whether you agree or not, he made history. For the very first time in league history a person of color is in a position of power. News One reports a great majority see that this is a huge power move on Jay's part. Furthermore change will never come if we don't get a seat at the table where all the decisions are made. So at the end of the day, that's what he was saying when he said, "This is a success."

Yes, Jay Z is going to going to be paid by the NFL. Raise your hand if you work for free?! The same people raising sand about Hov collecting a check for this deal, had a problem with Kaepernick taking a check. They called the iconic football quarterback a trader after he won his lawsuit against the NFL, and excepted compensation for his losses. What was he supposed to do? He lost wages, a career, and a means to support his family. He sued and won, but he wasn't supposed to get the money they owed him?

However, it's being reported that Kap has taken issue with Jay's partnership wit the NFL as well.  His girlfriend Nessa Diab, recently took to Twitter and denied Jay's alleged claim that the two men spoke ahead of the deal. Diab tweeted,

"THIS is a lie. COLIN never spoke to Jay-Z and NFL ahead of that deal being done. They NEVER included him in any discussion," she wrote on Twitter.

The Blast reports In addition Kaepernick thanked Reid for always having his back tweeting:

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