There are a lot of phone call scams going on right now. It's a lot easier to get caught up than most people think. Scams are running ramped and they affect a wide variety of businesses and government agencies including the Social Security Administration, national car rental services, and even banks.

There is a new phone scam targeting JD Bank customers and if you're one of them, keep reading. JD Bank has issued a warning to all of its customers that phone scammers are trying to gain access to their bank information. Via the JD Bank Facebook page, they issued the following statement,

We have been made aware that we have customers who are receiving calls from fraudsters posing as JD Bank employees. These calls appear to be from a JD Bank telephone number.

The callers are asking for passwords and a one-time passcode. JD Bank will NEVER call you and ask for any personal information. If the call seems suspicious, hang up. At JD Bank we want to protect you and your money.

As KPLC News reports, phone call fraud is definitely on the rise and the scammers are very convincing. The number that shows on your caller ID may even say JD Bank or match the local number of your branch to try and trick you. Just know that a JD bank employee will never ask for your online banking password or your private information. If they do, hang up!

As a rule of thumb never send money, get a gift card and put money on it or give out personal information. Scams come in all forms especially email, phone calls, and text messages. For more tips on how to avoid fraud or being scammed visit

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