Jennifer Lopez was dragged on Twitter after the superstar tweeted “All Lives Matter.” The since-deleted hashtag and tweet was accompanied by an image of Lopez, 46, performing her Orlando benefit song alongside Hamilton star Lin Manuel-Miranda at a memorial concert for the victims of the Orlando shooting.

Lopez did the old “post and delete” after realizing the controversial and offensive nature of the hashtag and the possible career damage. Folks on Twitter saw it before she deleted it and some defended her but many were furious.

“Wait, J.Lo really said #AllLivesMatter like she didn’t make at least 17 attempts to be black between 1992-2000?” one person tweeted. Another added in J. Lo's defense: "I don't believe J Lo used 'all lives matter' to be ignorant. Yes black lives matter, but there's gays and Muslims and Hispanics targeted too.”

“I just lost respect for @JLo after her tweeting/deleting all lives matter," another person tweeted. "How complicated is it to understand #blm doesn’t mean others don’t?”

“Seeing Jennifer Lopez tweet All Lives Matter is extremely disappointing," tweeted an exasperated fan. "Guess she thought so the tweet was deleted.”

J. Lo is in a particularly significant position as a very high-profile Latina who gained a certain amount of notoriety for mainstreaming certain aspects of Black and Latino culture. She acknowledged as much earlier this year when she proudly declared that she was the reason America embraced big booties.

“I feel like I paved the way for them,” said J. Lo in an interview on Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen. “There’s plenty of room for all of the ass.”

Lopez has not responded to the backlash.

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