A Jennings resident stood his ground last night after police say he discovered a burglar in his home in the middle of the night and then held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

Jennings Police Chief Todd D'Albor said Ricky Lee Cox, 31, of Evangeline Road in Jennings, broke into the home in question and was amassing property to steal when the homeowner woke up.  Unfortunately for Cox, the homeowner was armed.  D'Albor said the homeowner got the drop on Cox and held him at gunpoint until police arrived to make the arrest.  There was a bit of irony in the situation, though.

"It appears the suspect got into the home and was in the process of rounding up various items in the home -- including other guns," said D'Albor.  "(Cox) was also found armed with knives."

While D'Albor said a home invasion situation can always be dangerous, the homeowner was well within his legal rights to protect his property.

"I guess it's a message of caution to the bad guys out there -- people are taking necessary actions within their homes to defend themselves," said D'Albor. "And they have every right to do so."

Louisiana is a "stand your ground" state in which lethal force can be allowable if a person is defending their life and/or property.  In the case, however, D'Albor said it didn't come to that. No shots were fired, and no injuries were reported.  Some unconfirmed rumors surfaced that Cox may also have had an accomplice in the burglary who was scared away by the homeowner's dog, though D'Albor said no suspects have been named and no further arrests made.

Cox has had previous arrests and felony convictions, including an arrest as late as Monday, Aug. 12 for shoplifting at a Jennings grocery store.