Jidenna is turning up the heat and the temperature this summer with his new single "Little Bit More," with his label Epic Records teasing the track's video with the above Instagram post. The track first dropped earlier this month (July 8) with the teaser video promising a Wednesday release date for the visuals.

XXL spoke with the dapper rapper back in October, when he said of his deal with Epic, “We’ve been jamming and hanging out, and last year we decided to make it official.” More recently, Jidenna performed at the Essence Festival in New Orleans where he said on stage as a part of a panel on the intersection between hip-hop and R&B, “If R&B were dead, love would be dead.”

Based on the above clip, the video looks to build upon the song's theme of dance partners taking things a bit further, with an outdoor island party as the setting. The new track was the first from the “Classic Man” rapper in a few months, his last drop coming in the form of a double release with “Knickers” and “Extraordinaire.” The video for the former dropped in early January, but Jidenna has been relatively quiet ever since.

Peep the preview for the "Little Bit More" video up above with the full version dropping at some point tomorrow. His video for "Knickers" earned a spot on XXL's 27 besst hip-hop videos of the year thus far, so he'll have a high bar to clear.

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